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Meet Our Instructors


Alexander Parris

Alexander A Parris is CEO and Founder of Dragonfly Drones Production LLC has 22 years of service in the United States Army Reserve in the communications field. Alexander dedicated his life serving our great country in the electronic field in different parts of the world.  Transitioning from the military to the civilian sector, he is currently pursing a new wave of industrial technology. He is applying data analytics to business, seeking innovation through engineering and manufacturing technology to make production faster, simpler and more efficient. FAA Certified Drone Pilot.  sUAS Remote Pilot instructor 500 sUAS flight hours  Train the Trainer (Certified)  United States Army Signal Sergeant  S.T.E.M Drone Instructor: Drone Academy  AA degree in Industrial Technology Management  UAV Builds/Re-builds and modifications

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Kim Players

Kim “Kplay” Players, First Lady of Drones CEO, Chief Commercial Operator, and Head of Flight OperationsWords that describe Kplay: Innovator, energizing, trailblazer. K play has spent the past 25 years in sales and marketing, public speaking and as a master trainer.  Her interest in Drones began at a speaking event when one of her colleagues brought a drone. A story of search and rescue was told as the drone was displayed. Her WHY was ignited and the How became her passion. Kim is focused on educating and inspiring others in drone safety, performance, and emerging possibilities in the evolving commercial drone technology marketplace.  Corporate Trainer Motivational Speaker  FAA Certified UAS Remote Pilot 


Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson founded M Johnson Multimedia Services Incorporated in 2002, a company that specializes in LAN IF/ RF video distribution broadcast systems. Prior to founding M Johnson Multimedia Systems, Michael worked for Bryn Mawr College as a Multimedia Specialist for 13 years and The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois. Prior to entering the technology field he spent 11 years in private law enforcement field in Pennsylvania.  Graduate of Illinois Technical College - 1989 Associations of Science Degree in Audio/Video and Communications Electronics Technology Licensed Pennsylvania Public Adjuster: Metro Public Adjustment FAA Certified UAS Remote Pilot S.T.E.M Drone Instructor: Drone Academy ​


James Barnes

James Barnes founded the Drone Academy on December, 2014. As one of the first UAS training facilities in the US we believe education is key to properly integrate these life saving machines into our lives. As the use of drones expand into the commercial markets so do our educational programs as safety and flight knowledge are essential. With our partners, like Dragonfly Drones Production, we strive to be leaders in the industry now and in the future.


Tony Reid

Tony Reid is a Current NYC Corrections Officer and Founder of Drone Tech UAS with his extensive background on Drone technology and experiences in the field of law. He brings a unique side to the table Utilizing Drones in his Field for Special Searches and Emergency Services. Tony is a United States Army Sergeant and has dedicated his time to Teach part 107 UAV Specs and Builds.  FAA Certified Remote Pilot Instructor NYC Correction Office  Specialized units Special Search Team (SST)  Emergency Service Unit (ESU) 500 hours in Flight Experience  United Stated Army Reserve Sergeant  UAV Specs and Builds


Michelle Addison

Michelle Addison is Lead Regional Administrator working for the United States Army Reserve. Having finished 27 years in the US Armed Forces, she spent most of her military career in the aviation field. Because of love of aviation and education, she is currently a licensed pilot for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAS) instructing educators in the state of New Jersey. Lead Regional Administrator for US Army Reserve FAA Certified UAS Remote Pilot S.T.E.M Drone Instructor: Drone Academy

Robert Long

Robert L Erwin Jr.

Robert L. Erwin, Jr. is an electronics engineering and computer specialist who has found his passion in Drone/UAS technology. As a successful entrepreneur, current Executive VP and licensed Public Insurance Adjuster (for the past 9 years) and founder of a new start-up Aerial Drone Operations, Robert now implements the UAS technology into his day-to-day public adjusting operations. He enjoys both the hobby side and the commercial side of this industry. FAA Certified UAS Remote Pilot Executive VP/Public Adjuster, licensed in PA, NJ and SC Metro Public Adjustment, Inc.) Certificate of Completion in Electronics Engineering & Computer Technology- R.E.T.S Electronics School UAV Builds/Re-builds and modifications


Noel Nanton

Noel Nanton is a twelve-year veteran police officer of the NYPD and a six-year sergeant with the U.S. Army Reserves, Nanton brings his keen knowledge and training with first responder procedures to Drone Tech UAS. Noel is currently in the Army as an electronics technician specializing in computer night vision GPS systems and chemical detection equipment.  FAA Certified UAS Remote Pilot BA Mass Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Psychology 8 yrs Graphic Designer Website design and technical support on Mac and PC NYPD  Sergeant Police Officer United States Army Reserve Sergeant ​  

About the Part 107

The Part 107 also known as the 14 CFR  107.61 is an important part of the airman certification process. Applicants who do not pass the Part 107 will not receive the Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small UAS Rating. 

The 60- question Part 107 Exam Consists of the following Subject Composition:

UAS Topics           Percentage of Items on Test

1) Regulations & National 

Airspace System                             13-30%

2) Sectional Chart                           7-12%

3) Aviation Weather                        11-22%

4) Loading and Performance         7-11%

5) Operations                                    13-25%

Drone Lecture Training is designed to ensure that you master each UAS Topic and are confident with the material you’ve learned throughout the courses. 

Training Price: $149

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